We are a global grassroots movement initiated and led by the Global South, building power from the bottom-up by uniting workers, Indigenous, feminist, faith, environmental, social and climate justice movements in the Global North and South, to cancel the financial debt of the Global South in order to enable a self-determined, just transition.A Movement of Movements Debt is the most powerful common denominator behind which all social and environmental struggles can unite and fight for global social, ecological and climate justice.

As Swiss Debt for Climate chapter WE DEMAND from the Federal Council and the Parliament that Switzerland advocates in the decision-making bodies of the World Bank and the IMF, in bilateral discussions with the G7 countries, China and other creditor nations, as well as through legislative initiatives with tackling private creditors based in Switzerland, for THE UNCONDITIONAL CANCELLATION OF ALL EXTERNAL SOVEREIGN DEBT OF THE COUNTRIES OF THE GLOBAL SOUTH that are in need of it in order to initiate a just transition.

Current Projects:

Manifesto for Climate Justice

In view of the upcoming annual meeting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, we are addressing a call to the Federal Council and Parliament. Our demand for debt cancellation is backed by leading voices in Swiss civil society, politics and science. We are thus launching the manifesto of a new progressive Swiss coalition for climate justice.

Sign our appeal and stand up for climate justice now!


Stand up for climate justice now!

Crowdfunding Cressier Action

In autumn 2022 we blocked the oil refinery in Cressier (NE). Six young activists were arrested and charged with legal high costs, which we will bear in solidarity:


D4C action in cressier

The oil refinery in Cressier refines more than a quarter of the petroleum products sold in Switzerland and is the only of its kind in Switzerland. Almost 40% of the petroleum processed in Cressier comes from Nigeria. Oil extraction in the Niger Delta has been directly linked to ecocide and crimes against the local population for many years. Since 2015, Nigeria has been ordered several times by the IMF to expand fossil extraction by foreign multinationals in order to pay off its debts. By blocking the Cressier refinery, we draw attention to a concrete form of neocolonial economic practices emerging from Switzerland and show through debt a direct structural cause behind the climate crisis. Read the press release